aaron z. lewis
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for social good

I’m a designer, UX researcher, writer, and armchair cognitive scientist. I currently work on Uber Health—a tool that lets healthcare organizations use Uber for non-emergency transportation. Previously, I studied cognitive science at Yale and designed products for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. My work has been featured in NPR, Fortune, Quartz, and the Huffington Post.

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Words I’m writing

Designing a dynamic journal

My computer recently informed me that I’ve typed over half a million words in my journal since 2013. This mind-bending stat got me thinking about what a digitally-native journal could be like—and what it could teach us about ourselves.

Ungluing from reality

A brief reflection on invisible assumptions and the wisdom of crowds (or lack thereof).

Time Well $pent

My friend and I built a Chrome extension that helps you be more intentional with your money, so that you can spend your time on the things that actually matter to you.

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Words I’m reading

The Organization Man

Breakdown of Will

Seeing Like a State


The Girl Who Smiled Beads



From Bacteria to Bach and Back

How Change Happens—Or Doesn’t

Algorithms to Live By


Think loopy, not linear.

Think in terms of feedback loops rather than linear journeys. Where did the user come from, where are they going, and who/what are they interacting with along the way?

Create with your users, not for them.

Good design is humble and participatory. Know your audience, and remember that you have a lot to learn from them.

Treat your process like a design project.

Think not just about what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. Always ask how you can be a tiny bit better next week. Small changes compound.

Share stories, not static screens.

Design around people’s goals rather than arbitrary lists of features. Understand the story about what they’re trying to accomplish and why. You’ll make better decisions when your ideas are interactive.

Design is content is design.

Kill your lorem ipsum—copy is an integral part of design. Use real content and data when you design, and remember to account for the worst case scenarios.


Hillary for America

How can we help volunteers discover easy & impactful ways to get involved?

A volunteer signup site that scheduled ~30,000 shifts during the final weeks of the campaign. Think Tinder, but for local volunteering opportunities. Designed with James Plummer.

UX research & product design

Uber for Business

How can we empower organizations to transport underserved communities?

A web app that allows organizations to arrange transportation for customers and patients who don’t have smartphones. As seen on TechCrunch and Fortune.

UX research & product design lead

Hillary for America

How can we inspire young voters to amplify our campaign’s message?

An app where supporters created and shared their own custom “Love Trumps Hate” videos. Designed with Victor Ng and Suelyn Yu.

UX research, copywriting, & product design

Hillary for America

How can we make it fun to donate to the campaign?

A site where Hillary donors signed up to automatically contribute to the campaign every time Trump tweeted. As seen on CNN, Adweek, and Mashable. Designed with Victor Ng.

UX research, copywriting, & product design lead

Khushi Baby

How can we improve vaccination records in the developing world?

A successful $31,000 Kickstarter campaign for an NFC necklace that makes it easy to store and retrieve digital vaccination data. As seen on NPR. Launched with Ruchit Nagar, Leen van Besien and Joe Zinter.

Copywriting & campaign management