My name is
Aaron Z. Lewis
& I’m a politically-minded designer.

I’m interested in the design of minds, products, policy, and social movements.

I currently work as a product designer at Uber. Previously, I studied cognitive science at Yale and designed apps for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. I’m especially inspired by Douglas Hofstadter, Bret Victor, Nicky Case, and Venkatesh Rao.

You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. Nothing is a non-sequitur.

ux & visual design

How can we help volunteers discover easy & impactful ways to get involved?

A volunteer signup site that scheduled ~30,000 shifts during the final weeks of the campaign. Think Tinder, but for local volunteering opportunities.

Designed with James Plummer

Uber for Business

research · ux & visual design

How can we empower organizations to transport underserved communities?

A web app that allows organizations to arrange transportation for customers and patients who don’t have smartphones. As seen on TechCrunch and Fortune.

Case study coming soon

Love Trumps Hate

copywriting · ux & visual design

How can we inspire young voters to amplify our campaign’s message?

An app where supporters created and shared their own custom “Love Trumps Hate” videos.

Designed with Victor Ng and Suelyn Yu

Troll Trump

research · ux design

How can we make it fun to donate to the campaign?

A site where Hillary donors signed up to automatically contribute to the campaign every time Trump tweeted. As seen on CNN, Adweek, and Mashable.

Designed with Victor Ng

Khushi Baby

graphic design · copywriting

How can we improve vaccination records in the developing world?

A successful $31,000 Kickstarter campaign for an NFC necklace that makes it easy to store and retrieve digital vaccination data. As seen on NPR.

Launched with Ruchit Nagar, Leen van Besien
and Joe Zinter

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